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Our dedicated Client Service Director works with our clients and team to ensure a wholistic approach to each project.


Business Development

The key to any successful business is the ability to bring in new clients. Al Mana Media, using its market knowledge, can help your business take advantage of the prevailing environment. Qatar’s growing clout over the GCC means endless opportunities for businesses within the local market, but also across the region.

Al Mana Media capitalizes on the current context of prosperous growth, through in-depth analysis of the market, competition, micro and macro-economic factors, social, and cultural environment, knowing that each contributes to the ecosystem in which a business can thrive or be challenged. Al Mana Media’s business development arm brings together a team of talented and experienced experts, equipped with a skill set combining legal, sales, strategy, marketing, finance and management.

Our business development team in Qatar collaborates with the various departments, and integrates the feedback and insights from each of them to align the execution with the initial strategy. Our business developers are in charge of not only assessing the viability of a business model or plan, but following it through by overseeing its execution, monitoring its progress and outcome, and evaluating its impact through continuous qualitative and quantitative reports.

Al Mana Media is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities, investments, and areas of growth in Qatar, and regularly assesses the challenges that its clients might face along the way. Our forte lies in our strategic partnerships and connections with third parties with which we leverage our expertise and technology to transform and move forward our clients’ businesses.


Business Consulting

Our team of experts in marketing and media can work with you on strategies to enable your business to grow and respond to the changing environment in which we all operate. Al Mana Media’s team of business consultants will help you analyze, assess and interpret the market and state of your industry in order to understand the surroundings first, and your business concerns second.

We believe defining the context is key to identifying the client’s core points of differentiation in the Qatar market and regional market at large, understanding the client’s business, and as a result determining the opportunities and challenges that the client faces. Our business consulting team has accumulated enough expertise and history throughout the years, working in and with a wide array of industries.

Our consultants will identify the problem, analyze its underlying reasons and come up with a fitting solution for each client. One of our core values is innovation, and Al Mana Media’s business consultants are always looking for groundbreaking ideas and concepts that will help a business evolve and thrive in a competitive environment.

Al Mana Media’s consultants provide concrete plans, which can always be adjusted, re-evaluated and modified in line with the changes that occur within the Qatari and regional markets. At Al Mana Media, we are constantly re-focusing the clients’ marketing and sales strategies to solve their present problems, but always keeping in mind that future opportunities that lie ahead must be immediately grasped.



Delivery is just as important as planning and strategy. Al Mana Media can work with your business to implement the roll out of your above the line and below the line strategies cost effectively. A proper implementation starts with setting clear guidelines, timelines and objectives for business development, marketing, sales and media plans at large.

Though setting the media strategy and plan are the basis on which any following action is taken, execution is often the most challenging task. A lot of hiccups and problems can occur during the implementation stage, and if not dealt with properly, can lead to end results diverging a great deal from the set objectives. A great idea often is no more when it is executed badly.

At Al Mana Media, we make sure we deliver what we promise. Our teams are constantly coordinating, communicating and working together to make sure no action derails the plan from its original direction. We do not deem a plan successfully implemented until we take a look at the results generated by our efforts; which is why we constantly monitor the progress of the business plan we put in place, react to changes by modifying the plan accordingly, and generate reports on the results.

At Al Mana Media, we believe flexibility is a core value when it comes to implementing a business plan. Our teams constantly revisit the marketing and media strategies and re-focus them when needed to deliver the desired outcome. Our robust infrastructure of experts and technologies allows us to react quickly to implementation problems, and solve them faster and at once.


Marketing Planing

A solid marketing strategy is the bedrock of all successful campaigns. We work with our clients to ensure their marketing plan and strategy is consistent with their business goals. Such consistency starts with setting a marketing plan that revolves around specifics but keeps in mind the big picture, sets the corporate vision, mission, and goals of the client, and effectively trickles to action plans.

Al Mana media helps its clients in Qatar define their mission first, and objectives second. But we also understand that marketing plans are first and foremost driven by what customers in Qatar want, and therefore the most crucial part of our marketing planning is to understand the clients’ clients in order to determine the message, the medium, the time, and the place best fit to address the customers.

We set quantifiable and measurable objectives, because we believe the success of a marketing plan is ultimately defined by its financial results, be it sales volumes, market share, and revenues, which often reflect our clients’ brand equity. It is through the marketing plan that the Al Mana Media experts adapt the implementation process to changes that might occur, by means of continuous monitoring of performance against predetermined targets.

Most importantly, our marketing plans ensure that the clients’ marketing budgets are allocated in a manner that optimizes the use of each function within Al Mana Media, but also that of external resources. Al Mana Media has been present in the Qatar market long enough to understand the marketing mixes that work and don’t.


Strategic Planning

With our unrivalled local and regional knowledge and reach, we work with our clients to devise strategies to ensure the widest market reach and penetration for their campaigns. As a Qatar-based business, we understand the intricacies of the market in the country, and take the same into consideration when we set business plans for our clients.

Al Mana Media helps clients define their strategy, direction, mission and vision, and steer resources and budgets in the same direction. Common pitfalls of strategic planning are often attributed to lack of ownership of input that goes into the planning process, lack of empowerment, accountability, and communication.

Our teams at Al Mana Media make sure such problems don’t occur by continuously applying rigorous analysis of how the client’s industries are evolving, how their competitors’ positions are changing, and where their competitive edge lies. Al Mana Media designs clients’ strategies with the target audience, objectives, mission and message in mind, in order to reach the right mix of media, advertising, PR, and marketing at large that is best suited for a given client.

We define the tools and tactics needed to reach a certain target audience, the parameters by which we can measure the success of our clients’ campaigns, and the long-term expectations we and our clients have from the market. Cookie-cutter solutions are not our specialty, as we believe strategic planning for clients is based on particular insights on each client’s business, even if those on the industry or market as a whole are one of the same.

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