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Unlike many agencies, Al Mana Media has extensive and unrivalled experience in all facets of media production giving our clients peace of mind knowing they have experts handling their message and its delivery.



Delivering a first class product is not just about the message; it’s also about how it looks. We have experience in developing and implementing packaging to meet our clients’ needs.

Packaging is one of the main components of the marketing mix, and we believe it is synonymous with a client’s brand image, message, and positioning in the market. It is a customer’s first impression of a brand, a visual element that automatically speaks to the consumer when done well, and throws off potential customers when poorly executed.

The right visuals, wrapping material, colors, designs, can often become a brand’s trademark. With the communication clutter that customers are faced with on a daily basis, a good package is often all that is needed for a brand to stand out. We derive from our personal experience that good packaging can help turn around a brand, and we believe it does the same for our clients.

Today, good packaging goes far beyond the visual element: it is a reflection of the brand, and a personalized way in which the brand introduces itself to a consumer. As such, we make sure that packaging respects environmental-friendly practices, and are constantly looking for alternative and bio-degradable materials that will portray our clients’ corporate social responsibility.

At Al Mana Media, we provide creative packaging solutions, whether visually or conceptually. Al Mana Media deals with the best suppliers in Qatar to bring our clients the latest innovations, technologies and techniques in packaging our clients’ products, services and campaigns.



Delivering a brand identity is more than just advertising. We help you design and print stationary from letterheads through to business cards and envelopes. Today, many clients and agencies fail to give business stationary its due importance, as they’ve become too focused on e-mail exchanges and digital communication. We believe business stationary, including letterheads, business cards, and any additional corporate collateral material is still a crucial part in building and sustaining a corporate identity and image for our clients.

Branding business stationary, be it envelopes, shipping labels, invoices, calendars, greeting cards, event invitations, folders and the like, consistently imprints the company’s image in its customers’ and stakeholders minds; and when the stationary branding is done the right way, it often makes for an advertising and promotional tool that is just as effective as media. It has high impact, high retention, and high visibility attributes.

Just as packaging does, business stationary is the first chance to give a first impression, and often speaks for the brand in a non-intrusive, direct, creative and professional manner.

At Al Mana Media, we focus on providing quality stationary with cost-effective features that are tailored for each client. We push the creative envelope when needed, and respect the borders within which a business still needs to convey professionalism and trust to its stakeholders. Al Mana Media provides its clients with value-added solutions and works on the full range of their business stationary, thanks to a vast selection of suppliers in Qatar.



From small, one-off niche publications through to mass market productions, we are able to design and produce brochures to the highest quality. Unlike annual reports, corporate brochures are produced on an irregular basis, and as such must be timeless in information, impact, and message.

Al Mana Media’s team of designers and content developers will help you devise corporate brochures that will showcase your products and services, and portray your brand’s core mission, vision, strategy, achievement and values upon which you conduct your business. Many treat a corporate brochure as a must-have document rather than a powerful tool to attract new customers, generate new business and promote the company and what is stands for in a cost-effective way.

The investment in a corporate brochure lies first and foremost in the right content, and our team at Al Mana Media makes sure of a tailored, unique and authentic content for each of our clients in Qatar. We make sure that our clients’ key milestones and competitive edge are not highlighted only through content, but form as well.

Al Mana Media’s designers understand that, above all else, a corporate brochure needs to convey credibility, professionalism, and most importantly, brand image. Whether trendy and hip, toned-down, green-conscious, traditional or outside the box, we make sure the brochures we design effectively communicate our clients’ personal stories and benefits and are in line with their marketing and advertising strategies.



With our extensive network of suppliers we are able to produce the best quality projects for our clients on time and on budget. Our digital printing arm, Al Mana Printing, allows us to produce high quality brochures, documents and other printed material on demand for our clients.

Clients in Qatar have quickly realized the benefits of digital printing when it comes to minimizing paper and ink waste, and we’ve grown throughout the past years to accommodate the market’s changing needs. Digital printing has become a key component of brand awareness and development, and is no longer just about the technology; it is rather about how it interacts with other components to market our clients’ products and services, communicate with their customers and present their brand to the public.

At Al Mana Media, our marketing and media teams work hand in hand with the Al Mana Printing teams to ensure digital printing products are in line with the desired marketing impact and message. Many argue on whether digital printing is a production technology or a marketing strategy, we believe it is both. We provide flexible printing solutions that can adapt to last minute changes and decisions, custom-made printing material for various market segment in Qatar, and cost-effective technologies that will spare our clients repeated trial and error.

·Al Mana Media is supported by a strong digital infrastructure, trained staff, and well worked-out procedures. We work with first-class suppliers in Qatar that help us provide high-quality printed material for our clients.



We handle all aspects of pre-press from layout through to adjustment of images and text. Pre-press is the most crucial step in assuring that the initial idea and message are delivered properly in the outcome. Our pre-press services help you makes sure that what takes place between the print layout and the final print version goes on without a hitch, and that design, copywriting, placement mistakes are caught early on.

Our pre-press services include creating image carriers, modifying the texts and images and design high quality files before they are sent to print, typesetting, copy-editing, markups, proofing, proofreading, imposition, and manufacturing.

At Al Mana Media, our pre-press professionals and graphic design teams work hand in hand with the editorial teams to make sure no information gets lost along the way from print to layout. We constantly keep our clients in the loop throughout the pre-press process so we can make prompt and last-minute changes to the layouts when need be.

We understand that the wrong colors, layout, placement and editorial content could cost brands a whole campaign, and our pre-press services make sure that doesn’t happen. Our pre-press services are supported by the latest technologies for color and layout adjustments, and the latest software and hardware from publishing platforms, scanning, digital proofing and file conversions.

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