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From advertising to public relations, delivering and targeting your message to the right audience is crucial and Al Mana Media is experienced in helping companies and organizations to tell their story.


Radio Advertising

Script writing, talent sourcing, production and media buying. We are able to develop advertisements for this increasingly important medium. Today, many clients and agencies in Qatar and across the region have poured their resources and media buying strategies into TV and outdoor advertising, and not without reason.

Although we acknowledge the importance of TV and outdoor advertising to reach mass audience- and provide all the media planning, buying and production services for your TV and outdoor campaigns- we believe radio advertising campaigns, when done properly, can be a low-cost, high-impact medium; and we will make sure of that. Qatar has transformed into a dynamic, always on-the-move space. Radio advertising is the perfect fit for mobile audiences who are often on the road.

At Al Mana Media, we will help you pinpoint your radio audience, evaluate which radio stations offer the best reach, frequency, and cost-per-point for, and bargain promotional offers and sponsorships to maximize the impact of your radio dollars. We know what makes a good radio spot, and we have access to the best voice talents, copywriters, sound engineers, and audio production houses in Qatar to make your radio ads stand out and communicate with the listeners.

As digital has become an essential part of each medium, almost all radio stations have been streaming their content online. Al Mana Media will help you integrate your radio campaigns online, and make sure that content and form attract both your offline and online audience.


Outdoor Advertising

From signs to billboards and signage on buses, we work with our clients to develop strategies and campaigns to reach the widest possible audience. Coming up with good outdoor advertising is often a challenging task.

Outdoor is a medium that provides a wide reach, addresses both an audience that is on the move and one that isn’t, and has a long-lasting impact; but that is only if the outdoor campaign is creative, catchy and relevant enough to attract attention. Al Mana Media’s creative teams make sure your outdoor campaigns require the least media weight possible.

Because we know a great outdoor campaign is built around a great idea, we make sure your outdoor campaigns interact and play with their surroundings, peak the curiosity of passers-by, and as a result have a high retention rate. We believe witty, simple and straight-to-the-point copywriting is the starting point. Our graphic designers will cut through the clutter, and provide your campaigns with smart, simple, yet strong graphics, making use of the high-tech print technology of Al Mana Media.

Our media buyers will make sure your campaign placement respects the limits of urban planning, and abides by environmental best practices. We have an extensive contact list of outdoor suppliers to help you book as much space as possible for the least cost possible, locate your key points of reach for your audiences, and make smart choices on where, how, and when to place your outdoor campaigns.


Newspaper and magazine advertising

With our extensive media contacts and market knowledge, we provide targeted newspaper and magazine advertising campaigns for our clients so they know their message is reaching the right audience.

Qatar’s print market is a large one, and newspapers in the country -and the region as a whole- still account for a huge chunk of advertising and media budgets. Unlike in other parts of the world, digital media in Qatar and the region is yet to take over traditional media when it comes to capturing both online and offline audiences; which is why Al Mana Media considers newspaper advertising to be one of its core media activities.

While other media may give more creative leeway and louder impact, we still believe newspaper advertising is indisputably the go-to medium for high reach, high exposure, regular presence in the market, and most importantly, cost-effective advertising.

Our connections and contacts within the media industry have allowed us to accumulate inside insights and information on the print market, correctly identify which newspapers rate the highest on reach and exposure to different market segments, and determine which media are relevant to each industry in Qatar.

As a result, we’ve grown a natural ability to design campaigns for newspapers differently than we would for other print media. And though the change in the way consumers consume content is inevitable in Qatar as much as it is in other parts of the world, we are firm believers that newspapers will always have a place in the media mix.


Media Buying

Our unrivalled market knowledge and strength of our client base enables us to secure effective campaigns in print, electronic and outdoor media for our clients and their brands. Today, there are so many platforms on which your brands can be present, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be present on all of them.

Al Mana Media helps you in determining which media are best fit to each campaign, and then allocating budgets accordingly to maximize the effect of each medium and have it work as an investment rather than an expense. Though each medium brings about its particular advantages and disadvantages, the right media buying formula always boils down to two factors: reach and frequency. Our media buying units is familiar with the ins and outs of media, and therefore can help you put your money where your market is.

In order to facilitate the media-buying decision-making process, Al Mana Media explores its clients’ competitors’ media strategy, because we understand that our clients need to be present not only where we see fit, but also, where the competition is. Media buying is an art as much as it is a science, and our media experts look beyond the monitored numbers and figures, and digs into the media suppliers’ businesses to secure fair and transparent deals.

Our solid connections and long-term relationships with media suppliers means we can provide our clients with great offers whether on mass, niche, or new media, leaving enough excess budget to go around other areas of focus for them, be it product development, advertising production, pr activities and others.


Media Planning

Almana Media knows the Qatar and regional media market like no other agency. We use this knowledge to deliver effective and targeted campaigns in English and Arabic for our clients.

Our presence in the market has given us access to insights as to how, when, why and where media is consumed by the Qatar audience. Such insights and demographics help us not only devise media strategies, but also set a tailor-made media plan for each of our clients. Al Mana Media’s media planners are constantly evaluating programming and editorial content in the Qatar media industry to determine which media mix best suits the clients.

Our media planners ensure the right ads are placed at the right place and right time, reaches the right audience, and costs the least amount of money. We do not only build media plans on current information we have about the audience, but also on data that our media monitoring arm has collected throughout the past years

Our media planners use that data to evaluate how different media served different campaigns, and how patterns of audience behavior have changed. We revisit mistakes and successes in media allocation, and as a result advise our clients on what media best fits a certain campaign, product, and service regardless of what the media trend is.

Our planners make sure that the media plan always falls under a bigger strategy that includes creative suitability of the campaign with the media, consistency of the medium chosen with the marketing strategy, and, most importantly, budget effectiveness.


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